AKIは、新しいMedical Deviceの開発と製品化を通じて、循環器、不整脈、静脈疾患などを持つ患者様の治療、クオリティライフの改善に貢献します。

Our Mission

AKI focuses on the development of medical devices for cardiac vascular and peripheral vascular applications in clinical fields. Our mission is to develop the highest quality and most cost-effective devices possible, to improve the quality of life for patients worldwide.

AK インターナショナル株式会社の概況


循環器分野:コロナリーステント、PTCAバルーン、Guide Wire 他
不整脈分野:マッピングカテーテル、アブレーションカテーテル、 Guiding Sheath 他
末梢静脈分野:マイクロカテーテル、IVC filter, Medical Compression Stocking 他


日本では作成困難なFDA,CE markの取得のため米国動物試験、病理試験施設との提携契約、欧州CROなどと業務提携を実施しています。

Outline of AKI

AKI was established on June 21, 2006, for the purpose of providing essential services to medical device manufacturers or physicians through alliances with medical device consultants in Europe, America, Japan and China. At this time, 23 companies are working through AKI to provide this support.

Product Areas Now Under Development
Interventional Therapy (Coronary Stents, PTCA Balloon Catheters, Guide Wires, etc.)
Arrhythmia Ablation Therapy (Mapping and Ablation Catheters, Guiding Sheaths, etc.)
Peripheral Therapy (Micro Catheters, IVC Filters, Compression Stockings, etc.)
Anti-Cancer Therapy (Lactoferrin, Local Anti-Cancer Drug Infusion, etc.)

Market Research & Product Introduction Services Provided
AKI has established working relationships with two market-research organizations for the purpose of surveying and analyzing the competitive markets in the U.S. and Europe, assisting our clients in pinpointing their next business opportunity.